Friday, January 29, 2016

They just don't understand: Mother Daughter Relationships

They just Don't understand:
Mother Daughter Relationships

What is a good mother daughter relationship? 

 People say all the time that they know the definition of a "perfect" mother daughter relationship. So, I took the time today to look on Google and look up "What is a good mother daughter relationship?", and a million different links popped up. 

  I got everything from being nice to each other, understanding one another, being open and honest, and one even said spending time away from each other. However, none of these  gave me a concrete answer, so who are we to say what a "good" mother daughter relationship should look like?

    As teenagers, we often go around to our friends houses and compare households and parents every time we feel like our own parents or parent isn't being fair, but when we do that we are causing our own problems. I was talking to my mom one day and she reminded me that motherhood didn't come with a hand book, you just do what you think is right and (at times) what society tells you is right. So, as kids when we go and tell our moms that they need to be like someone else, how do you even know that is the right way to be raised? 

  In my opinion, a good mother daughter relationship, is like any other relationship (boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, best friend, etc.). It's when your able to be yourself without having to fake anything, when your able to be honest and not have to worry about that person judging you...That's a good mother daughter relationship to me. However, to someone else that may be the total opposite. Most of the time we find ourselves telling our mothers "You just don't understand" or "You wouldn't know", when in reality our mothers have been through half...if not worse situations than us! Like I said before, a perfect mother daughter relationship is unknown, but it's how we feel within ourselves and our own relationship with our mothers, no matter biological or not.

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